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ArdeaDrones offers a wide range of aerial photography and 4K videography services, as well as photo and video editing for various needs including: marketing, weddings, private parties, events, aerial security, inspections, and insurance. Our goal is to capture stunning visuals and provide you with exceptional customer service.

Aerial Photography and Videography

ArdeaDrones is focused on capturing outstanding aerial photographs and 4K videos that bring a unique perspective to any project or event. Whether you need impressive landscape shots, real estate visuals, or promotional content for your business, smooth and professional footage is ensured. We provide:

  • Real Estate Photography and Videography: Showcase properties from a captivating bird's-eye view to attract potential buyers and investors.

  • Event Coverage: Capture unforgettable moments at weddings, celebrations, games, private parties, and more, with our skilled drone operators who can discreetly document your special occasions.


  • Promotional Content: Enhance your marketing effects with captivating 4K aerial footage and imagery that highlights your products, services, or events.

Photo and Video Editing

In addition to our aerial services, ArdeaDrones offers photo and video editing to ensure that your footage stands out. We use professional software to enhance colors, adjust lighting, stabilize footage and add special effects. We also utilize ChatGPT AI to enhance content. Our editing services include:

  • Color Correction and Enhancement: Make your aerial photos and 4K videos visually striking with precise color correction and enhancement.


  • Stabilization and Smooth Transitions: We stabilize footage and create smooth transitions to provide a professional finished result.


  • Special Effects and Graphics: Add special effects, text overlays, and graphics to make your visuals even more engaging.

BYE-WAY GARDENS, Lambertville, New Jersey

Inspections and Insurance

Our drone inspection services offer a cost-effective and efficient way to conduct various inspections, saving you time and minimizing risks associated with manual inspections. Our services include:

  • Inspections: We can provide detailed 4K visuals of roofs, homes, commercial buildings, property, and other infrastructure. 


  • Insurance: Capture high-resolution 4K drone footage for insurance purposes, documenting property conditions, assessing damage, and providing visual evidence for insurance claims.

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